A Simple Dish for When You're Dining Alone

April 28, 2016

Sometimes the simplest recipes are also the best. May we present Exhibit A: Seared Salmon with Cinnamon and Chile Powder. Once you've washed and seasoned your fish, it takes about 8 minutes to cook. That's 10 minutes to dinner, from start to finish.

But just because it's so quick doesn't mean it isn't delicious. As the recipe's creator, Greg Henry writes in the headnote, "This may be a simple recipe, but the flavors unite in an elegant and complex way." And his method for drying the fillet completely then allowing it to sear in a barely-oiled pan for 3 to 4 minutes guarantees crispy skin. Throw in the fact that it requires minimal cleanup—just a pan!—and this is the perfect solo weeknight meal.

Greg writes, "Serve the fish warm or at room temperature with a slightly chilled Pinot Noir (yes, Pinot Noir... trust me). Dining alone is no excuse for a poor wine pairing." We'll cheers to that.

What's your go-to meal for when you're dining solo? Tell us in the comments below!

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