Make This When You're Craving Melty Cheese

May  4, 2016

If you've ever wanted to make ravioli but backtracked, rapidly, when you thought about making the pasta dough, consider gnudi instead. As their name—which derives from the Italian word for "nude"—indicates, they're all tasty filling (typically ricotta and spinach or chard) with no pasta exterior.

We love them so much, we could eat them tossed simply in butter—but why stop there?

This recipe by Danielle Oron layers little gnudi pillows with homemade vodka sauce, then tucks them under mozzarella cheese that browns and bubbles under the broiler.

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All in all, there's roughly 5 cups of cheese (ricotta, Parmesan, and mozzarella) in this recipe. As our tester put it, "What's better than a mouthful of cheese-topped cheese mixed with more cheese?" Not much, we'd say!

What's your favorite way to prepare gnudi? Will you be making this yourself? Tell us in the comments below!

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Chuck48 May 26, 2016
Another way to enjoy melted cheese Italian style, is "Frico".
Take your favorite hard (grating) Italian cheese, grate it into a non-stick frying pan (or onto a Silpat sheet in a sheet pan). Fry over medium heat until the cheese melts. Take a filling of...anything you on one side of the cooked frico and fold the other side over. Remove to a plate and serve.