How to Reinvent the Last Slices of Pizza

May 16, 2016

You may not ever find yourself in the situation with leftover pizza—but maybe you find yourself (lucky!) with a glut of pizza, and after the slice you'll relish for breakfast tomorrow morning, cold from the fridge, you're not really sure what to do with it all.

We have a few ideas:

  • Reheat your pizza (in a cast-iron pan, with a splash of water, for a crispy crust!) and top it with runny-yolked fried egg. Knife and fork are acceptable eating companions here.
  • Salad pizza? Salad pizza.
  • Make like Karl Rosaen and make a savory bread pudding with your leftover pizza. (Why not?) Dice pizza and any vegetables you like and layer in a dish with an egg-milk custard mixture and Parmesan cheese. Bake until bubbly.
  • Or chop it up and add it to a frittata.
  • Crisp up chopped pizza in a hot skillet and use as croutons (on soup, on salad, beneath a fried egg...).
  • Give a piece of pizza the matzo brei treatment...
  • ...or the mozzarella in carrozza one.
  • Or turn it into soup, ribollita-style. (Or sopa de ajo-style).

You've got a whole box of leftover pizza. What do you do with it? Share your ideas—wild ones encouraged—in the comments.

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Vicenza D. May 16, 2016
I love the idea for turning your pizza into croutons! Pefect, I have pizza in the refrigerator. Thank you for the idea!