All Our Best Tips for Cooking Fish

May 18, 2016

Last week, I learned that cooking a whole fish—you know, with the head and the tail—is an achievable, weeknight-friendly, perfect-for-two meal. I never thought I'd say that.

It only takes a little direction, but cooking fish might be your new (or rediscovered) way to dinner every night. So we've compiled all the little nuggets of wisdom that you might have missed on the site that may help you in this endeavor.

First, pick a good fish (and clean it, too, okay?).

If the fish is coming from your freezer, defrost it quickly. It's almost dinnertime.

Once your fish is in the fridge, store it so your strawberries don't taste like fish.

Then, decide what to do with it. That's the easy part. Here are just a few ideas:

But how do you know if your fish is done? We got you.

Now you have fish! But does your kitchen smell like it?

Then, come the leftovers. Cold fish is a divisive topic. No longer:

Tell us: What are your best fish-cooking tips?

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