10 Game Day-Ready Chicken Wings

January 30, 2017

Here's an idea: Make chicken wings for dinner. Fry them—or bake or roast them—or switch up their sauces. Second to deciding to turn dinner into a bar night extravaganza, these are the only calls you need to make.

And if that night is also the Super Bowl, well, that decision is whole lot easier. (Wings for dinner while watching the big game only makes sense, amiright?)

Here is a list of our favorite chicken wings—just add a six pack:

What are your favorite sauces to toss chicken wings with? Tell us in the comments below!

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This article originally appeared on May 26, 2016. We're re-running it now because it's almost Super Bowl Sunday, of course!

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sage February 5, 2017
fish sauce caramel is my favorite way to fry
HalfPint May 27, 2016
I love making Red Cooked Chicken Wings. Easy (dump everything into a large pot), quick (since it's chicken wings, ~25-30 minutes) with great flavors (soy sauce with garlic, onions and ginger).