Labor Day

How to Soothe Your Soul with Leftover Potato Chips

September  5, 2016

Re-entering the world after a long weekend is hard—hard like realizing you've overslept, like thinking it's Friday even though it's only Wednesday, like the last days of summer vacation when you're 10. You probably ate potato chips all weekend, like I did, at cookouts or while you stood barefoot in the kitchen of a friend, waiting for them to finish making your G&T. Potato chips are a small thing, but they are also no small thing—and they can help smooth the transition from glimpse-of-summer to Tuesday. Grab the lefto​vers, if there are any, and munch them all week:

We originally ran this piece on May 30, 2016—but we're bringing it back because there are bound to be some crumbs leftover post-Labor Day picnic.

How do you use up the bits at the bottom of the bag (besides just tipping them straight back down the gullet)? Share your ideas in the comments.

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Sis September 5, 2016
What is a leftover potato chip?! Don't think I've ever seen one (tsk, tsk).
Heather G. May 31, 2016
Hmmm....leftover potato chips...Are they like the mythical leftover wine that is often mentioned, but never witnessed in my kitchen????
Coco E. May 31, 2016
Blitz them up and use a bread crumbs to coat chicken, avocados, tofu, or fish that's been dredged in flour and beaten egg, then bake until crispy and cooked through. Then serve with whatever dip you usually have with those chips (heinz ketchup, artichoke, and french onion are my fave go-to).