8 Vegetarian Italian Recipes to Make Right Now, Between Spring and Summer

May 31, 2016

Produce-wise, Italy is a few weeks ahead of us here in New York, and so hearing from Emiko about what's rolling into her farmers market in Tuscany every week is sort of like watching all of the previews before the movie starts: COMING SOON!

Right now, Emiko told me, it's cherries and beets and fresh herbs, some of summer's best ingredients, the sorts of things we either want to eat straight or put in or on everything, no meat necessary (at least not for this vegetarian. Who needs it, when you can shower a near-unreasonable amount of torn parsley and basil and mint into a bowl of olives or rice or panzanella?)

We may still be a few weeks out on cherries, but herbs and beets are stateside, too. Which means I'll be cooking these 8 vegetarian recipes of Emiko's right now, in these warm, breezy few weeks between spring and summer:

What recipes or ingredients sing along that spring-summer line to you? Tell us in the comments.

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