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A Sweeter Way to Get Your "News" (via a Video of a Cookie)

June 13, 2016

From the people behind Tastemade and Tastemade Japan (my personal favorite) comes another video series of hands-moving-headachingly-quickly-over-food: Cookie the News.

Right off the bat, I like the creative verb usage: "to cookie" must mean to turn something into a cookie, to cookie-ify it. In this case, it's news blurbs. Not the hard-hitting stuff—the investigation into Trump's casinos, Zika virus, and the ongoing war in Syria have yet to be cookie'd—but topics that fall under the umbrella of pop culture.

No one can claim that this is a very efficient way to take in news—in the time it takes to watch a news cookie, you could skim an entire email newsletter—or that it's going to tell you any information that Twitter can't.

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But no one's watching these videos for news content (which is why their tagline "Don't Read It, Eat It" kind of irks me): We're watching for the mesmerizing skill of cookie designer Amber (her website is SweetAmbs), who can draw on cookies what I would never be able to draw on a piece of paper.

You can find Cookie the News on Instagram and YouTube. Just promise it won't be your only news source, okay?

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