10 Wild S'mores Ideas for Your Next Campfire

You’ve had a good s’mores. You’ve had a really good one. Now are you ready to play? The toasty marshmallow remains constant (duh), but these updated combinations give you plenty of ways to experiment.

Here are 10 wild and crazy s’mores:

1. Classic Plus: Graham crackers, dark chocolate, and sliced strawberries

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2. Black Forest: Chocolate wafer cookies and cherry jam

3. The Elvis: Peanut-butter sandwich cookies (twist cookies into two halves), dark or milk chocolate, and sliced bananas

4. Gianduia: Gaufrettes, pizzelle (French and Italian waffle cookies), or wafer cookies plus Nutella

5. Lemon Meringue Pie: Shortbread cookies and lemon curd

6. Neoclassic: Digestive biscuits and squares of bittersweet chocolate

7. Piña Colada: Coconut cookies and grilled slices of pineapple

8. Thin Mint: Chocolate wafer cookies and thin after-dinner mints, such as After Eight

9. Pastel Beast: Frosted animal cookies and white chocolate

10. Spice Islands: Gingersnaps and almond butter with a pinch of cloves

This snippet comes from Camp Sunset, the ultimate guide for all things camping!

Dream big! What s’mores combination do you want to try at your next campfire?

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Elaine Johnson, Senior Food Editor at Sunset, first went camping at the tender age of 4 months. As co-editor of Camp Sunset (Oxmoor, May 2016) and Sunset's Great Outdoors Cookbook (Oxmoor, 2014) she's delved into everything from baking chocolate cake in a dutch oven to grilling the perfect carne asada.