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We Threw a Wedding (Registry Event) at Food52!

June 16, 2016

The traditional gift for a one year anniversary is paper, plastic, or a clock. (Doesn't that sound a little bit like what the cashier at a grocery/timepiece store might ask you at checkout?)

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let's party 🍾 #f52wedding

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So instead of giving our Wedding Registry—which celebrates its one year anniversary this month! Felicitations, registry!—a notebook (paper), a surfboard (plastic), or a watch (clock), we gave it all of the pieces we'll be launching in the Shop in the next year: the smartly-designed kitchen tools, cookware, serveware, and home-brighteners that we hope will become newlyweds' heirlooms. And we celebrated with industry experts—event planners, designers, dressmakers, jewelry-sellers—who live and breathe wedding (and who know a special gift when they see it!).

Opening presents can get tiring, but dinner from Brooklyn-based Poppy's Catering kept us going.

Here's a look at some of the night's highlights.

First thing's first: snacks!

What's a wedding (event) without hors-d'oeuvres? Photo by Hannah Wilken

Poppy's Catering prepared a DIY crostini and crudité bar featuring some favorite Food52 recipes, like Roasted Carrot with Harissa & Crème Fraîche, Eggplant Dip with Yogurt, and Feta Pistachio Dip:

Then it was time for browsing everything shiny and dreamy. Table settings, cookware and kitchen tools, and decorative touches were displayed throughout our office in ways you might imagine in a home.

It was a wedding event—not a wedding—but many of us wanted to get married right then and there. Photo by Hannah Wilken
Kristina Wasserman, a Buyer for the Shop, shows event planner Brita Olsen a selection of cake stands.

Want literally everything in this picture 😍😍 Thank you to @food52 for such a delightful & delicious evening! #f52wedding

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The flowers, unfortunately, are not for sale—but everything else is (or will be soon)! Photo by Hannah Wilken

Got to see behind the scenes at @food52 headquarters tonight! #f52wedding

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Ready for coffee, soup, oatmeal, salad, chicken, salt, pepper... Photo by Hannah Wilken

But they were also put to use! Everything on the table where guests dined—from the flatware to the glassware to the serveware—was from the Shop.

After a toast from Amanda and Merrill (over St. Germain and prosecco cocktails with lime and mint)...

A&M welcome some of our guests: Will you marry us? was time to sit down and eat.

We're all about touches of informality—and that's why we eat family-style! Photo by Hannah Wilken

The meal started with a spring asparagus number (all the young, fresh, green things—a new marriage!):

And moved on to the dishes with more heft and humph (the later years of a comfortable marriage?): chicken tagine, seared stripe bass, radish and cucumber salad, and couscous with peas, leeks, and Haloumi:

Sadly, dancing did not follow. But dessert did! Mini rhubarb and thyme galettes, sea salt and chocolate-caramel tartlets, and strawberry honey chamomile cake:

Better than wedding cake? Photo by Hannah Wilken

Weddings (sometimes) come with good parting party favors: Our guests took home wine from our friends (and neighbors!) at La Pecora Bianca, as well as Zwilling glassware, to drink it in, and Sugar Plum nuts, to soak it up.

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And we're not going to leave you hanging either! Here are two Poppy's Catering recipes to make at home:

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Rhonda35 June 16, 2016
Everything looked so pretty!