A Guide to Throwing a Better Cookout—Whatever that Means to You

June 26, 2017

So much of July Fourth, like New Year's Eve, feels all about the hype. The latter is the former's dead-of-winter, beglittered, late-night cousin. If you're not kissing someone at midnight—or having a rosé explosion-cum-picnic on a vast stretch of grass with the world's most Instagram-worthy pie, well...

This Fourth, our resolution is to take it easy: no picnicking stress. Beautiful pies only if we feel like it (and otherwise, schlumpf, please). Homemade sparklers, maybe—we do have a DIY for them, and they're fun and beautiful. But store-bought'll do, too. So will whatever fireworks show happens to be going on nearby (even if it's just your neighbors lighting possibly-illegal ones in the street). Go for a full, beautiful, Americana-forward spread, or grab a pack of ice pops and a case of beer from the store and call it a (very nice) summer day.

Whichever route you choose, we still think you'll find something good—worth grilling or baking or sipping—from the list of our favorite recipes and tips below. But hey! Don't feel like you have to make everything. Holiday weekends are meant for relaxing, after all:

There's the grill fare, of course.

But the picnic sides are just as (if not more!) important!

And then you'll need to wash it down with something.

But wait! There's pie! (And lots of other summery treats.)

Now for the special effects!

What's on your July 4th menu? How will you be celebrating? Share your ideas in the comments.

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This article was originally published in June 2016, but it's grilling season so we're sharing it again.

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1 Comment

702551 June 26, 2017
I really wish (American) people would stop calling it "the Fourth."

Call it for its intent: ***INDEPENDENCE DAY***.

We aren't celebrating the fourth day of the seventh month. Basically everyone on the planet has a July 4th (local translation may vary).

We are celebrating the day when disgruntled British colonials in the New World revolted against the oppressive ruling monarchy.

Now if you are not an American citizen and you choose to celebrate this holiday, that's fine, go ahead and call it "the Fourth" but if you carry an American passport, call it Independence Day.

The latter is the important thing to celebrate, not a circled date on a calendar.