Food52 Summer Camp Wants You! (& Your Stories)

July  6, 2016

You guys, we're going back to summer camp! (For one whole week, but only on the internet—right here on Food52.)

During Summer Camp Week at the end of this month, there will be treats and spooky stories and staying up too late, and we know you know a thing or two about all that. We want to hear your stories and learnings from your times at summer camp!

Did you cook at a camp, or have a memorable camp cook? Does your family run a camp? Do you have a secret camp snack? Did you fall in love at camp? Did you marry someone you met at camp?!

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Was there a really delicious, peculiar, totally wonderful food you always ate at camp, or a really entertaining food memory? Did your camp have a weird theme, or oddly themed dinners?

Was there a learning—trick, hack—you took into your adult life? Did you finally figure out how to get grass stains out of your clothes?

Do you go to adult camp?

Tell us your memories, stories, tips, or juicy gossip by emailing [email protected] and we'll publish the very best ones. Thanks, Campers!

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