14 Snacks to Pack for Summer Camp (or the Office)

July  6, 2016

Think back to camp days of yore: Snacks were the unifier, the shady oasis on the hottest day of the summer, the best part of the day for the kid picked first for kickball and the kid picked last. Maybe someone at the camp was slicing thick chunks of cool watermelon. Maybe someone who loves you tin-foiled a brownie and tucked it into your backpack for you to find.

You may be beyond camp age, but snacking at the office is not so different. It should still be compact and pick-at-able (arguably the best part of snacking) and not too fragile; refrigeration should not be a priority. Make any of the 14 snacks below for a camper in your life, and pack some for yourself, too:

What's your personal snack Achilles' heel? (Mine: Corn nuts so salty they make my lips burn.) Tell us in the comments.


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Donna D. July 11, 2016
In Girl Scouts we always made a trail mix we called 'birdseed'. It's mostly M&Ms, peanuts and raisins but you can throw in anything you like...sunflower seeds, etc. I like to swap out the raisins for reduced sugar Craisins and add almonds....yummmmm