10 Seafood Bake Shots We Loved from Our Latest #f52grams

August  2, 2016

We partnered with Allagash Brewing Co. to bring you our latest #f52grams of your summer seafood scenes—check out some of our favorites below!

For our latest #f52grams installment, we asked you to show us how you were eating at the shore: your seafood bakes (and all the accoutrements)! And did you ever. We only wish we could have been there. Here are 10 of our favorite fishy, summery 'grams:

A big congrats to the winner, whose Lisbon feast made us want to run out and buy prawns and teeny-tiny clams for roasting:

Food coma, phase 1 complete. #neversayno

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Cod, cockles, and peas sing together in a big, brothy stew:

No seafood bake would be complete without a heap of grilled bread alongside for sopping up the juices:

A shrimp bake, scaled down (you might even say shrimp-sized)—in foil packets on the grill:

One lucky duck got a sack full of clams from a neighbor—and had grand plans to turn them into chowder:

But they'd also make a killer pasta—quick-cooking clams are an easy match for bright, herby spaghetti:

Shrimp is a shortcut to dinner. These ones were marinated in a spicy, lime-zesty mix and thrown on the grill:

Scallops pooled with garlicky butter after a spell on the grill:

A big pan of little, freshly-dug potatoes (a seafood bake must) with butter and herbs, ready for the oven or the fire or the grill:

The whole shebang—corn, potatoes, mussels, lobsters...:

The Belgian-inspired beers from Allagash Brewing Co., from their White and Saison to more experimental ales, were made to complete summer feasts—so we're sharing recipes and inspiration for what to serve alongside them.

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