The Most Adorable Food-Related Pet Names

July 15, 2016

Kitchens, kittens—the words are so similar, it makes sense that our Food52 community is interested in both!

Sunday, am I right?

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This is Mochi, who has the perfect food-related name.

Still, I was joyfully overwhelmed with your responses when I asked in not one but two Hotline threads (sorry, technical glitch) for your help naming my future kitten.

  1. What food-related name should I give my kitten?
  2. What food-related name should I give my kitten (the simultaneous sequel)?

Besides being related to food, my other requirements include that the name...

  • Is highly adorable
  • Is appropriate for a male cat
  • Is easily nicknamed and punned on
  • Can be inserted naturally into song lyrics (I plan to serenade my cat—a lot)
  • Makes me seem really clever (because this cat is about me, am I right?!)

And BerryBaby shared some insight from an article she read on pet names:

First, the name should be one or two syllables in length, it should not be a name/word they hear everyday and the best advice? It should be a name that makes YOU smile when you say it.

We also turned to Twitter, where over 750 people cast a vote. (Let it be known that Bippity-Boop is my first-choice cat name: I realize that it is not food-related, but I feel its other qualities compensate for that one shortcoming. Unfortunately, Bippity-Boop has been vetoed by my future cat co-parent.)

Small typo: Lamb—not lamp—Chop.

Noodles is a strong contender (and "the only correct choice" according to shitfoodblogger), but also the name of a cat I already know. Below, I've collected all of the best suggestions and starred my favorites.

I will meditate on the options, consult the aforementioned future cat co-parent, and come to a decision. Stay tuned!

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And if you find yourself in the market for a pet name, the list above is a great place to start.

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Top Comment:
“I think you have to get the kitten first, then decide what name he/she should be. By her looks, coloring or personality. There are many good choices on your list. I love babka, panko and kugel. All short easy names. As a chef, my pets have always had food names. Our present one, a rescue brittany is Coco Cannoli. She looks like the filling with chocolate chips. Or nicknamed Cockamamie, or Kookamonga, or Cocoa Puff, or hey Puff, she ignores me at those. A friend named her little dog Taco, which is perfect as he could fit in one. And another chef friend named his pet goat Cabrito which is a goat dish. A cat though deserves something more regal I think. ”
— chefrockyrd

What's the best food-focused animal name you've come across? Share it in the comments!

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  • NCdana
  • patb
  • Tamami
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kimikoftokyo May 19, 2019
Ah this is so cute. I’m late to this but mochi is the cutest name. My cat has a first name and a hyphened middle name lol. Took so much thought.
Corduval April 18, 2019
It's a little late to comment, but I have to mention the name a friend gave his huge black lab -
Albondigas! ...that's a Mexican meatball
NCdana February 18, 2019
Our cat is named Ceci - Italian for chick pea. She curled into a perfect tiny golden ball as a kitten. (pronounced chay-chee with accent on 1st syllable)
patb January 31, 2019
I don't see Waffles on the list. It's the name of Dianne Keaton's dachshund in Annie Hall. Always loved that as a pet name for the right beast.
Tamami January 3, 2019
My cat's name is Odango, meaning sweet dumpling in Japanese. Her head looked like a dumpling when she was a kitten.
Katherine January 3, 2019
Love it. Don't understand how none of my kitties got foodie names. The closest is Twinkie but her full name is Twinklebelle. As she gets older I call her Chunkie Monkey for obvious reasons. Could just call her Chunkie in honor of a candy I ate as a child. I think next time I adopt a kitty I will have to be conscious of what I love most in life when I come up with a name.
Katherine January 3, 2019
P.S. Am trying to imagine a kitten who's head looks like a dumpling.
Tamami January 3, 2019
Japanese sweet dumplings are round balls!
Lydia D. August 3, 2018
Commenting late, as Facebook just rolled this onto my feed -- I met a kitten named 'Garbanzo' at the shelter and while it broke my own rule of two syllables or less (must be easily sung or shouted depending on mood!), I've always thought it charming and adorable.
Mashael A. July 30, 2018
Poke, Waffle, Pancake or Eggo! (my kitty is called Nugget)
Jane C. July 29, 2018
We just named our new Russian Blue (grey) kitten Poppy since she is the colour of poppyseeds and our Sealpoint Siamese kitten Latte. 😀
marianne July 29, 2018
Okay but: WAFFLES
Sarah B. July 29, 2018
I named one of my kitties Mr. Biscuit and another Giblet.
kate July 29, 2018
Chiming in late, but this article just popped up on my FB feed. Our kitty is SugarButter—Sugar for short or just Shoogy or sometimes SugarFatty because she has a fluffy belly.
Lentil is a great name though! Or Olive.
Laurie March 11, 2018
We rescued an adorable munchkin orange tabby that I wanted to name Cornbread but my son named him Boots! Our Havanese dog is Biscuit!
CFrance March 11, 2018
@Laurie, I loooooooooooove those names!
Laurie March 11, 2018
I had a female Maine coon cat Named MoonPie and a male named Bubba Grits! I miss them!
S L. March 6, 2018
With so many dumpling based names, I'm shocked nobody went Korean with Mandu. After looking at your list, I think my next cat NEEDS that name! :)
Sarah J. August 30, 2016
Hi everyone! We chose Plum. :) Thank you for all of your help and inspiration!!! I love the Food52 community.
Jane C. August 10, 2016
Our 17 yr old black cat is called Nori and her 17 yr old tabby BFF is called Sake. Their predecessor was called Sushi.
Kristina C. July 28, 2016
I think Biscuit is cute.
Or Nutmeg (not sure if that's too feminine?)
Perhaps Caesar, after my fav salad?
Katherine July 29, 2016
I had a red (auburn) Newfoundland girl named Nutmeg. Of course she became Maggie.
Anja July 27, 2016
It's true that names can change over the years. My best friend had a little rat dog when I met her in high school, lo these many years ago, who started out as Snoopy, but morphed into Noops, then Nips, and finally Nipper. Much more appropriate for a little rat-dog. I think only beagles can really be named Snoopy :) But enough about dogs.... Sorry!
Katherine July 27, 2016
Well, I love Pickles and Semifreddo. My kitties always develop nicknames as they grow (and change from my from my dreams into who they are -- as in babies!) so Pickles might be hard to transform. So for a male, Semifreddo could become Freddie, but Pickles to Picky? Hmmm. I currently have Rambo, who was previously Rascal (transforming from cute and naughty to bully), and is now Ramboni Macaroni; Sigmund Freud who is always Siggie; Molly the Moo who is Molly, and Twinklebell who is Twinkie or Twinkles. We had Huckleberry who became Huckster (really a love) and Emily who became the Divine Miss Em -- among others. I agree -- that names need to be nicka-ble.
Andrea I. July 27, 2016