So You Have an Overload of Butter—Now What?

July 19, 2016

First of all, if you find yourself in the position of simply having too much butter to know what to do with—or maybe, like this community member over on the Hotline, you're about to drive a U-Haul across the country and need to use your stash up fast—lucky you! We're firm believers that there's no such thing as too much butter, especially since it stays so well in the freezer.

But should you indeed want or need to blow through a couple of pounds of butter in a short period of time, we've got some ideas (first among them: Send a box or two our way!):

How would you cook through a butter stockpile? Share some ideas in the comments!

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  • Emily Love
    Emily Love
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    Gina Downs Dalquest
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Emily L. July 21, 2016
you guys are awesome
Gina D. July 19, 2016