A Toasty-Sweet Cocktail Where Rice Is Both Sweetener and Spirit

August  8, 2016

Chuhai is a bubbly drink made with shochu, a Japanese spirit distilled primarily from rice. And if it weren't in the name, you might never guess that rice is the unusual, sweetly toasty, surprisingly creamy force behind this super-refreshing cocktail.

Here, it's sweetened with a simple syrup steeped with toasted sweet rice and vanilla, giving it a cream soda-like flavor—and making it wonderfully addictive, even without the added spike of soju. Make a big batch of the syrup now and stash it in the fridge. Then the next time you're hankering for something bubbly and sweet (or looking for not-so-fruity summer cocktail), you need only to stir a bit together with soju, a splash of rice vinegar for brightness, and a long pour of seltzer water.

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