Summer Camp Week!

13 Snacks Mighty (& Mighty Delicious) Enough to Ship in a Care Package

July 27, 2016

When you're at camp, you're either racing from one activity—kickball or basket-weaving or lunch or the dreaded swim test—to the next, or collapsing on your bunk bed in the cool of the cabin, trying to hold in your weariness. The latter, already an enormous relief, is made better only by the arrival of a care package: a snack to stow under the bunk and munch in secret or maybe share with your best camp friend over a game of cards.

Care package-packers: The ideal snack is one that tastes like home, won't get stale right away or melt, and won't shatter into pieces when shaken enthusiastically by your camper. Also, they should be one-hand-only snacks—the better to eat while playing those cards or writing postcards or racing to archery or holding a flashlight under one's chin and making a gruesome face.

Here are 13 we'd hope for in our own packages:

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