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Ottolenghi's GQ Profile, G.M.O.s & More Stories to Bookmark

August  3, 2016

Ottolenghi's GQ profile, G.M.O. labeling, and more stories selected from all the open tabs on our laptops.

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What We're Reading Around the Web:

  • Do we really need to save the honeybees? Not that they're not worth saving—it's just that they may not be as endangered as we thought. [Slate]
  • Meet the world's first bacon critic, eating his way around the globe to find the very best bacon. [Extra Crispy]
  • To strengthen your cooking muscles, learn the mother sauces—the new mother sauces, that is. [New York Times]
  • Yotam Ottolenghi gets a GQ profile, wherein he talks "culinary wormholes," beautiful food, a vegetable revolution. (Psst—the author calls him "panda-eyed.") [GQ]
  • Farmers in Spain have found a way to produce foie gras ethically—and Dan Barber says it's the best he's ever had. [NPR's The Salt]

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lisa C. August 8, 2016
I am not traveling this summer so I am reading books: The Neapolitan Novels. I am on the second book. The author retraces her friendship with Lila, the brilliant and beautiful girl whose life reflects back the light and dark of her own life and broader cultural changes in post WWII Italy.