How to Spin Ratatouille Into a Week of (Not Boring) Meals

August  8, 2016

Ratatouille is like a Turkish blanket: comforting and snuggly without suffocating you—like summer's heat already is. It's this kind of console you want from your star dish to get you through the week.

Here's how to turn ratatouille into a week of not-boring dishes:

  • Schemer it in some toasted crusty bread with meatballs for a meatball sub.
  • Warm it in a casserole dish, then plop eggs in, for shakshuka.
  • Blend it into a gazpacho.
  • Eat it cold, like a salad, with mozzarella and farro.
  • Sort of brushetta: Warm it and dollop it on grilled slices of baguette. Top with shaved Parmesan.
  • Use it as a filling for vegetarian enchiladas.
  • Make your favorite mac and cheese recipe, stir in the ratatouille before the mac bakes.
  • Rewarm the ratatouille in a skillet. Add a few fish fillets or steaks on top of the ratatouille, cover, and cook until the fish is cooked through.

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Domingo April 13, 2019
We just enjoyed a Ratatouille Frittata. Heated the ratatouille in a pan, whipped in some eggs, egg whites and milk. Added mozzarella, Parmesan and pecorino. And then into the oven and baked until set. Spooned a little more ratatouille on top.
Krista L. August 18, 2016
We ended up using our ratatouille as a pasta sauce (over spaghettini) and it was just perfect!
OneLittleDetail August 15, 2016
Make grits (or polenta), top with ratatouille and goat cheese. Fantastic.
amysarah August 8, 2016
Ratatouille is a great filling for omelettes. It also makes a good pasta "sauce".
Jennifer August 8, 2016
Try stirring some leftover ratatouille into/onto eggs. Make plenty when there's a bounty, reheat some rushed evening in November. I'd use a sturdy freezer bag (pushing/sucking out all the air) to save space. Remember to mark the bag with contents & date...