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Foods That Twirl, Tumble & Twist Like Gymnasts (Well, Not Quite)

August 11, 2016

Today at 3 P.M., the most decorated gymnast in history will compete in the all-around women's gymnastic finals at the 2016 Olympics. Nineteen-year-old Simone Biles has a signature move named after her ("The Biles"), intimidates her male peers at work-outs, and is considered a shoo-in for the gold.

"Think of top gymnasts less as young girls doing beautiful things and more as uber-athletes doing very dangerous things," writes Reeves Wiedeman in the New Yorker. For those of us who can barely stand on one foot, cheering them on is also an opportunity to marvel at their dedication and athleticism.

The following foods can't handspring or vault or fly through the air like gymnasts, but they will twirl and twist, curl and flip, tumble and jump. They won't win any golds on the podium—but on our plates? Sure, why not!








Obviously we aren't suggesting that noodles are as impressive as gymnasts. We're just all caught up in watching Team USA flip, vault, and tumble—and thought it would be fun to watch our dinners (and snacks) do the same. (As for Simone, we know what she'll be eating after she competes: pepperoni pizza.)

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