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Follow This Instagram Account if You Love Pandan, Black Sesame, Salted Egg Yolk...

September 12, 2016

Amidst the inundation of food images on Instagram—high-contrast captures that bleed into the next, everything ceasing to seem real or edible—alexcrumb's photos always make me pause and, believe it or not, actually read the captions.

It's not just because the desserts and breakfasts she photographs look extremely delicious (though they do), but also because they often use flavors and ingredients that are just starting to become more common in U.S. cafés and bakeries: black sesame, pandan, salted egg yolk.

Alex, who has a blog by the same name as her Instagram account, is a Singaporean studying and baking in London, so she eats—and documents—in both cities (and does a fair amount of mess-making at home, too).

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Her photos make me want to book a flight. You, too?

See some of our favorites below:

From the FATCAT Ice Cream Bar in Singapore, a charcoal waffle (!) with three scoops of ice cream (salted matcha, black sesame, banana sorbet) and salted egg yolk sauce.

Pastry chefs use feuilletine—flakes of crisp wafers like "shards of sugar cone"—to add a caramelly, buttery crunch to silky or soft desserts like mousses and truffles (and, apparently, no-bake matcha white chocolate cheesecake bars):

A super smart way to make angel food or chiffon cake more delicious? Treat it like French toast:

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