25 Sandwiches so Enormous They Require Two Hands to Eat

October 17, 2016

There are times when you're in the mood for a sandwich—a classic PB&J or maybe a grilled cheese—and then there are the times when you want a sandwich. A substantial offering that is decidedly​ not open-faced (no toasts here, folks), requires two hands to pick up, and is so chock-full of ingredients, something is almost guaranteed​ to land on your lap or stain your shirt. ​

We have 25 sandwiches for precisely those times when you need a sandwich. Grab a napkin (or a whole stack) and get ready​ to make Dagwood jealous:

Chicken and turkey

Beef and Pork

fish and seafood

Burgers of all kinds

vegetarian and vegan

What's your favorite outrageously big sandwich? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Pisanella October 21, 2016
Oh God, please post a recipe and picture of "Italian sandwiches" Utrecht-style!
Natalie R. October 17, 2016
When I visited a friend in Utrecht, she took me to this food stand that sold "Italian sandwiches." The crowd was thick despite the rain (I think they're immune) and all of them had the same sandwich with the simple name of meat, cheese, and vegetables. It ended up being what I believe may have been thinly sliced sopressata, a milky but flavorful cheese, and tons of pickled julienned carrots, radish, and yellow pepper all on a large, soft, yeast roll. I had never had a sandwich like it in the Southern US where I grew up. The steam rose as I grabbed it, perfect for January in the Netherlands. The tissue-paper thin crust on the roll crackled while I attempted to squish it down so I could fit a bite in my mouth. I was thankful for the miniature book of sandwich paper the stand owner had wrapped around it, or I would have lost a regrettable amount of filling. No one walked more than a few steps to a nearby store awning before they started eating, and we did the same. I still crave that sandwich. Crunch, soft bread, gooey cheese, and dense meat. Yeast and sweet from the bread, cured meat for salt and spice, milk and some extra umami from the cheese, all accented with the vinegary pickles. Excuse me while I look up how to recreate it...
Lindsay-Jean H. October 18, 2016
Wow, what a description (and what a sandwich!), I almost feel like I was there. Please post the recipe after you recreate it!