How Our Community is Mixing Their Love of Food with Art

October  6, 2016

Recently we learned that longtime​ Food52er aargersi had taken up collaging, using the National Geographic and Citra Solv technique (not familiar? it’s a thing). She hasn't been doing it long, but with ​an artist mother, stepmother, and grandmother, the apple didn't have far to fall.

We figured she wasn’t the only Food52er whose love of food overlapped with artistic endeavors, and thanks to the Hotline, we learned about some of the other food-related creations you all are turning out:

Photo by Picholine

Picholine is a local and national juried artist working primarily in pastels, like the image above, featuring apples in a bowl from Bennington Potters. She says, "Most us that are artists eventually look at the eggplant we are about to slice and admire the colors. Often I grab a few other things to go with it and set up a still life. I'll take a few photos or start painting right then." You can find her at her blog and on Facebook.

Photo by QueenSashy

QueenSashy very humbly responded by saying, “So I make these doodles with food, not sure that it makes me an artist,​ but it is a ton load of fun.” Don’t let her fool you. She’s a scientist by day, and in her off-hours, a foodie with excellent skills as a photographer and illustrator. You can find her illustrations over on her (award-winning) blog, three little halves and you can also find her on Instagram.

Sydney is formally wine-educated (WSET Diploma level) and illustrates, animates, and paints on wine. You can find her work on her website, on Instagram, and in a coloring book. Color us impressed.

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We’re hard-pressed to put it better than aargersi, who said, “Okay, well you are a super cool person and WINE ARTIST = BEST JOB EVER. Well done you! On a life gone right!!!” Exactly.

Photo by aargersi

As for aargersi’s work, she says, “I let them sort of create themselves as I look through dissolved pages and images. To me they all have a sort of dreamscape quality, many of them fever dreams.” You’ll find her 16 cleverly-titled (Rhubarb Pirate, Good Greek, and more) food truck collages, at her new Etsy shop, AbbiesGarage—and keep checking back; she​ says she has several larger non-food collages that she’s be adding soon.

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Top Comment:
“Food is art too right? So it follows logically. Love the pastels, the doodles, all of it. AND arranging M&Ms does count”
— aargersi

Does your love of food overlap with your artwork, too? Tell us about it below!

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sydney October 6, 2016
Thanks, Lindsay-Jean! A real treat to see artwork from other Food52 people. :-D
aargersi October 6, 2016
Food is art too right? So it follows logically. Love the pastels, the doodles, all of it. AND arranging M&Ms does count
Bevi October 6, 2016
LOOOOOOVVVE! Keep those juices flowing~
Amanda S. October 6, 2016
Love this!
nannydeb October 6, 2016
I've always arranged my peanut M&Ms in patterns by color, does that count? tee hee