13 Crazy Inventive Mash-Up Recipes You'll Wish You Thought of First

Um, what is this:

It's a miracle mash-up, that's what that is! It (and the 13 others below) are the kind of recipes you dream-up, but never make because they seem too crazy, too out there. But, just because someone hasn't chicken-fried mac and cheese or shakshuka-d focaccia before doesn't mean it can't be done. Actually, these recipes prove the opposite to be true.

Next time your recipe ideas run wild and you have visions of banh mi turned taco, write it down (and make it!). But, for now, here are 13 mash-up recipes that are a little crazy and a lot what you wish you thought of first:

What's your dream mash-up recipe? Tell us in the comments below!

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    James Krantz
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    Lesley Plage
I fall in love with every sandwich I ever meet.


James K. December 5, 2016
The thing I love about fillings and skillets is that you can take them and make so many changes and get so many great turn outs but you can also get a few of those that go down and come right back up. There are so many spices and seasonings out there and mixing them up can be great but you need to know which one work well together and which ones don't.
Mary B. October 16, 2016
I did one this morning for breakfast. Upstate NYers might call it a "garbage plate" but it really was a vegetable hash with kielbasa, topped with an egg, and steamed. I sauteed onions, red pepper, tomato, cubed cooked potatoes and sliced kielbasa in olive oil until slightly crispy. Added a handful of chard strips, then cracked an egg into the middle. Seasoned with herbs, salt and pepper and put a lid on it. Simple - no name - delicious.
Lesley P. October 12, 2016
Our family has been mashing for years we just called by a different name we call it Frankensteining great things come from this.Some really good ones listed here !