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Warning: These Halloween Meat Loaves (& More) Will Actually Scare You

October 28, 2016

On Halloween, self-respecting adults dress in garb (fingers crossed that it's culturally sensitive), food snobs double down on chocolate-enrobed sugar (oh, just me?), and we prioritize food that looks scary rather than appetizing.

Most of the time, that means scary-cute and within the realm of edible:

Boo! We are ready for Halloween are you? đź‘» #flourbakery #meringueghosts

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Learn to make meringue bones in this Saturday's @guardian_cook for Halloween or Day of the Dead, or both!

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But occasionally, "scary" crosses into the realm of kind of gross—and, when it comes to meat loaves shaped as feet and various sausages that play the role of fingers—downright disturbing.

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Take a look—if you can handle it—at some of these actually-frightening Halloween foods. Even if you don't embark on a likely-graphic project (the neighborhood kids would probably prefer Kit-Kats to mummified meat, anyhow), these will make your Halloween spookier—or at least give you nightmares.

Scroll down, if you dare!

(Red meat trigger warning.)

This next one might really be too graphic to serve to children:

Actually a nightmare:

This last one is more impressive than frightening:

Halloween-inspired gross out foods: Do you understand them? Do you love them? Tell us in the comments!

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