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Make a Dozen Soy Sauce Eggs, Eat Them Morning, Noon & Night

October 31, 2016

Put an egg on it—or the very classy "puddaneggonit"—has become a common strategy for turning something simple into a satisfying dinner. And we're all for breaking out a skillet to make a crackly-edged fried one or a trio of soft-scrambleds when the hunger pangs hit.

But of you're the planning type (or simply someone who does not wish to dirty the egg pan daily), consider making a dozen soft-boiled, soy sauce-soaked eggs at the start of the week...

...and turn them into a meal, morning noon and night:

  • Breakfast-ish sandwich. Smashed with a fork onto on a toasted, buttered English muffin for a sandwich (breakfast or dinnertime) that doesn't need a whip else.
  • Egg salad. Dice the eggs into a chunky egg salad, folded through with thin-sliced scallions, toasted cashews, and lots of cracked pepper.
  • Noodle soup. Make dashi, boil rice noodles, and layer them in the broth with any kind of roasted vegetables. Top with quartered soy sauce eggs, and hot chile oil.
  • A very green salad. Blend up an avocado, an anchovy, an a fistful of herbs to make green goddess dressing, toss with peppery greens and halved soy sauce eggs.
  • Fry, fry, fry. Turn them into soy-spiked Scotch Eggs: Mix ground chicken with lots of chopped basil, ginger, and scallions, flatten into a patty, and wrap around each egg. Fry in vegetable oil till golden (they'll be hard cooked when you're done!).
  • Make a (non-traditional) taco! Chop them coarsely use to fill blistered tortillas and top with fried Brussels sprouts and kimchi.
  • Menemen-ish! Sauté peppers until soft, add a little leftover tomato sauce, then fold in the quartered eggs for a variation on Menemen.
  • Rice bowl. Fold into a bowl of shredded chicken, cooked rice, watercress, and dress with equal parts lime juice and fish sauce.

Tell us: What other meals do you make with hard-boiled eggs?

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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Zalina February 22, 2017
Can I use red wine vinegar instead of sherry vinegar?
LT January 22, 2017
In Japan a these are made with just hard boiled eggs and tamari, giving the eggs a richer and deeper flavour.
Sara November 10, 2016
Could I use Tamari or even better, Dr. Bragg's Liquid Aminos instead of soy sauce?
Author Comment
Amanda S. November 28, 2016
I don't see why not!
Sucie November 7, 2016
Hard boiled eggs mashed into a kedgeree.......... Absolute heaven
Maggie November 7, 2016
Made a beautiful potato salad for a friend this weekend with fresh organic free range backyard hen eggs! WOW!
[email protected] November 6, 2016
One of my family's favorite dishes during World War II's meatless days was mashed potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, sliced green onions and chicken fat, salt and pepper. I still make it.
Barb November 6, 2016
I love an excuse to eat chicken fat/smaltz! My grandmother used it to make her biscuits. And all 10 of her children died of heart disease.
Author Comment
Amanda S. November 10, 2016
Oh, I love the idea of adding (a little) chicken fat! If you have actual chicken, this recipe is a great variation: https://food52.com/recipes/39824-stolichny-chicken-salad
Barb November 6, 2016
This site often gives you an ingredient list without the recipe, there's a link to read the rest of the instructions.
Sarah J. November 6, 2016
If you click the little "Recipe > " next to the ingredient list, you'll find the instructions! Or just go right here: https://food52.com/recipes/35930-momofuku-s-soy-sauce-eggs
Ann November 6, 2016
Still learning how to use this site - thanks!
Ann November 6, 2016
Yes, this was very confusing. No mention of whether the eggs had been cooked before going in the marinade.
NYCMom November 6, 2016
I think I missed something. Are these eggs are only marinated in the soy vinegar combination? For how long?
TJ November 6, 2016
Click on the 'Recipe' icon next to the picture...