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The Landscape That Inspired Our New Holiday Shop Collection

November  1, 2016

As we move steadily into the holiday season, the Food52 Shop Buyers—Jojo Feld and Kristina Wasserman—will see a whole collection of holiday decor that they've been planning since spring come to life in our Shop. Here's a little from them on what inspired it.

Day in and day out, the Food52 Shop team exists in a world where old meets new—where modern meets vintage in a whimsical "collected" aesthetic. Our aim is always to be design-forward, with a nod to heritage.

For the holidays, we wanted to keep that spirit alive while creating a narrower and more playful theme. We were inspired by Nordic design and Scandinavian landscapes—a special combination of modern, clean, minimal forms and rustic warmth. Dreaming in this world of foggy sea blues, rich greens, and natural materials, we created a holiday collection with our makers that feels both fresh and familiar.

It didn’t all come to be in a snap, however.

Our first brainstorm about the look and feel of our holiday collection, unbelievably, occurred all the way back in April. For weeks, we listened to our favorite holiday tunes and worked with our Assistant Buyers, Meghan and Jackson, on word clouds to get the creative juices flowing... and lots of mood boards.

We nailed down a palette of navy, rich blue-greens, brass, light leathers, and woods in high contrasting hues and then went out into the world to bring some of these ideas to life.

Working with our makers, we spent anywhere from two to six months to develop many of the pieces.

Now that they’ve arrived, we (and our amazing shop partners!) couldn’t be happier to share them with you. Here's a bunch for your holiday inspiration:

Swedish-Inspired Wreaths

Note: Kristina is very proud to that Creekside Farms hand-makes all of these wreaths in Monterey County, California—her hometown! Visiting their farm to design wreaths for the Food52 Shop was one of her all-time favorite things.

Textile-Inspired Ornaments and Minimalist Decor

Blues (and Brass!)

Natural Materials

As excited for the holidays as we are? Visit our Guide to Gifts & Gathering for more inspiration.

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