18 DIYs for a Cozier, More Festive Kitchen This Winter

December  6, 2016

The easiest ways to add touches of the handmade to a clean, minimalist kitchen is to get creative. We partnered with Bosch Home Appliances to share cozy DIYs that'll complement modern homes and appliances, like this electric range.

Now that the last of the decorative gourds have been swept off stoops and tables, the holiday season has officially embraced its winter wonderland side. That is, it's about to be dark and freezing outside so you're going to want to warm up your insides—bellies (hi, soup!) and interiors both. As a person who gets an inordinate amount of pleasure from tying bows, particularly big red ones—I know, I'm sorry—I admit to being biased in favor of winter DIYs. But here's the thing: They can add so much coziness to a blank space.

Cozy up the area around your stovetop (like this Bosch electric range) with DIYs aplenty. Photo by James Ransom

A makeshift pot rack from a little bit of pipe, like in the image above, adds a handmade element that's still clean and minimal. Just in time for winter winds, here are 18 of our favorite DIYs for warming up a room—starting with ideas for a more handmade kitchen, followed by our favorite craft ideas for spreading holiday cheer.

for a cozier kitchen

For Holiday Cheer

*The modern design of Bosch Home Appliances inspired us to streamline our kitchens while still keeping them our own—with lots of festive DIYs that mix a modern aesthetic with organic materials.

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Jane R. December 10, 2016
Seriously? Make your own "modern art" with low quality construction paper?! Noone reading this blog would cook with poor quality ingredients. If you want an artful touch for your home, there are lots of young artists out there selling their work for the price of a fabulous new pot, maybe even less if you buy a giclee print.