Find Out What Our Community Members Are Making on Thanksgiving

November  6, 2016

For the ultimate Food52 friendsgiving, we'd rent a huge event space, throw wrinkly gray linens over long farm tables, and sit down with all of our community members to feast on their wonderful recipes.

There'd be drbabs' pretzel and nut mix and QueenSashy's fig-rosemary cocktail cookies, for early arrivers.

On the table, a bacon bird by aargersi, em-i-lis' roasted delicata with bacon (yep, more bacon), AntoniaJames' sour cream rolls, hardlikearmour's butter-braised fingerlings, savorthis' spiced cauliflower and pickled fig salad, and ChefJune's frosted coffee fingers for dessert. (The next morning, of course we'd have, of course, mrslarkin's Cinnamon Scone Bread.)

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But that's not even the half of it!

Since this fantasy friendsgiving isn't possible—this year, at least—the next best thing is to see what our community members will be making in their respective homes. So we asked some of our most active Food52ers to use the Menu Genie to plan their feast and share it with us. Even if we can't be together, we can have a virtual meal.

Find a sampling of recipes chosen by each person below, or click the links to see the menus in their entirety.


See her full menu here.


See her whole menu here.


Click to find the full menu.


The full spread, right this way.


Her complete menu, here.


See her whole menu.


Look here for the whole shebang.

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