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Sarah Britton's Mostly Vegan, Mostly Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Spread

November  6, 2016

Wondering if you can use our Thanksgiving Menu Genie to find recipes that will accommodate—nay, welcome—the needs of all of your guests as well as your own cooking preferences?

Well, yes! We've built the Genie with a wide range of dietary choices in mind, so that you can find vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, and raw recipes—for every guest at your table. And we've also included tips on how to convert otherwise-meat-including to vegetarian or vegan so that they can have a wider reach.

We asked chef, cookbook author, and whole foods champion Sarah Britton to use the Genie to create her mostly vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free meal.

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Check out a preview of Sarah's menu below, then click the link to see her full plan.

Ready to create your own—vegan, gluten-free, or totally carnivorous—Thanksgiving menu? Head on over to the Genie.

Need a little more help?

What's your solution to accommodating lots of different diets at the same table? Tell us in the comments!

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