Editors' Picks — Late Winter Tart (Sweet or Savory)

March 24, 2011

Fennel and Onion Galette with Gruyere Crust

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Congratulations to another great batch of Editors' Picks!

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SharonP March 25, 2011
I really appreciate the feedback from Aargersi on my quiche. Thank you for taking the time to test it and leave such nice comments.
LittleKitchen March 25, 2011
How fun and thank you Helen for testing the lemon pistachio tartlets and your kind words. Can't wait to try some of these on the list!
Carolina_Dee March 25, 2011
BTW, in the meantime I will try the pictured recipe. I love fennel and onions too, and the picture is just lovely. I hope mine will turn out as well, it just sounds scrumptious! (And, I just happen to have all the ingredients on hand. I was going to use the fennel for a soup recipe, but will try this one first. Yum! (BTW, I just became one of your followers on Twitter...which is how I found your site to begin with! I love what I have seen so far.
ChefJune March 28, 2011
Carolina_Dee, I agree with you. I've been eying this savory tart now and can imagine it as a strandalone brunch dish, or supper, or as a side with some pork chops or tuna fillets. That picture is making me hungry!
Carolina_Dee March 25, 2011
So, where can we find the recipe for ChefJune's Cardamom-Pear Tart? I LOVE cardamom, and of course I love pears too, so this is a recipe I would love to find. Thanks.
Food52 March 25, 2011
Here's ChefJune's recipe: You can also click on her username below and see all of her lovely recipes, including this one. Welcome to food52! Glad you found us.
ChefJune March 25, 2011
That's funny... my Cardamom-Pear Tart was on the early list of Editor's Picks, and it has a check and designation by it, but it isn't on the list above. Is this list just the most recently tested tarts?
Food52 March 25, 2011
Yes, this is just the Editors' Picks tested by the food52 community. Yours was tested by one of food52's recipes testers, and it was awarded an Editors' Pick last week (which still stands!).
MHardison79 March 25, 2011
Congratulations to everyone! Im really excited, my first recipe submission is also an EP! And youre right Sagegreen, that picture is drool-worthy.
Sagegreen March 25, 2011
Isn't this photo gorgeous? It was a pleasure to review this one, too! Congrats to all the EPs.