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A Dozen Ways to Stuff a Cocotte When You're Giving One as a Present

November 25, 2016

Day 7 of 30 Thoughtful Giving Day: How to turn a very very nice gift (that's on sale!) into an even better one.

Upon learning that our 4-quart Staub cocottes in cherry and black would be on sale for Black Friday weekend, down to a delightful $129 from $269, many of us in the room jumped up and did a little heel click. Figuratively speaking. Ahem. We love these French-made pots, which are classic, versatile, and designed to last not just through the life of your kitchen but also your kids' and their kids'.

Photo by James Ransom

To celebrate the fact that they're so very giftable at this price, here's a little list of ideas for what to stuff inside the cocotte when you present it to your giftee—to get them halfway to dinner, or a project, or a warming drink. You don't have to buy a Staub cocotte to use these idea, of course: Stuff any bowl, basket, or pitcher you're giving as a gift with some goodies.

Photo by James Ransom

If you're going to wrap the outside, keep it simple—by putting perishable ingredients inside, you'll want your giftee to open it up right when it's delivered! And print out and include any recipe you're prepping them to make, or jot it out on a recipe card.

Halfway to dinner

  • Dry beans + bay leaves + whole peppercorns = cozy, stewy bean night coming right up
  • Harissa + half a dozen farm eggs wrapped up in a tea towel blankey + sage = baked eggs, coming right up
  • Short ribs + oil-packed anchovies + a head of garlic + cinnamon sticks = saucy, fall-apart spiced short ribs

Project time

  • Good quality dark chocolate + leafy rosemary + honey = Rosemary Chocolate Bread
  • Cheesecloth + a jug of fresh milk = DIY yogurt
  • As many eucalyptus leaves as you can fit = a home that smells like a spa

Warming drinks

What else might you stuff in a cocotte to make it an even better gift? Tell us in the comments.

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Msgoldilocks December 31, 2016
The spiced short rib recipe looks delightful, but the comments before the link said the recipe contains cinnamon, yet the recipe the link directs you to, does not contain any cinnamon.
I would love to find the correct recipe for the spiced short ribs.
Thank you!
AntoniaJames November 29, 2016
A really thoughtful thing to put in a vessel like this, especially for affluent recipients who already own a lot of stuff, is a card indicating that you've contributed to an organization that promotes economic self-sufficiency around the world by providing micro-capital in the form of a goat, or a flock of ducks or chickens, etc. I have been giving to the Heifer Foundation in friends' and family members' names at Christmastime, for years. People love getting gifts like this! ;o)
Amanda S. November 29, 2016
That's a lovely idea.