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Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts with Honey and Sriracha

March 29, 2011

Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts

- Merrill

Last week, Amanda wrote about horseradish hash browns from The Vanderbilt, now a favorite local dinner spot for both of us. My husband and I love to go there on a weeknight, sit at the bar, which faces the open kitchen, and order a bunch of appetizers and nibbles. Nibbles are a Vanderbilt specialty. There's great homemade beef jerky and pickles, and blistered shishito peppers with dipping salt, but the undisputed star -- which we order every time we go -- is the fried Brussels sprouts. The sprouts arrive in a towering pile; the leaves are pulled apart and fried, with the sweet hearts tossed into the oil and cooked just to the point of tenderness. The crisp shards are then painted with a mix of sriracha, honey and lime juice, making the sprouts tangy, hot and sweet all at once.

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This dish has gained some attention outside the restaurant, and blogger Cathy Erway recently included her version (in which the sprouts are roasted) in a piece for Brooklyn Bread. But I wanted to try to get as close to the version at the Vanderbilt as possible, so last week I painstakingly peeled a pound of sprouts and got frying. Happily, I discovered that if you're willing to deal with a little hot oil, you can do a pretty good job of replicating these guys at home. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts with Honey and Sriracha

Adapted from The Vanderbilt

Serves 2 to 4

  • 1 pound Brussels sprouts
  • 1 tablespoon sriracha (or to taste)
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • Juice of 1 large lime
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil for frying
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Carmas May 2, 2013
I couldn't fry these crispy jewels fast enough. Each batch, mysteriously, made it's way into hungry mouths, mine, each time. What wonderful flavor and texture!
amandam1 April 4, 2011
Yum! My boyfriend loves Brussels sprouts, I'm making these for dinner. Any suggestions on what to serve them with?
Chuckiebutnocheese April 2, 2011
I like frying up a few strips of bacon first, remove them and chop them up and then sautéeing and caramelizing them in the bacon fat. They sweeten nicely when they caramelize and tastes ohhhh so good!!
tota March 31, 2011
Has anyone tried this with roasting the brussels instead of frying? I would prefer not to fry..wondered if the taste is still as crunchy-yummy as this sounds.
edamame2003 March 31, 2011
i actually did yesterday. i was roasting my sprouts tossed in walnut oil, salt/pepper and saw this recipe, so I made a dipping sauce of the sriracha, honey and lime (used equal parts sriracha and honey) and poured it over the roasted brussel sprouts. tasted delicious; though I'm sure the frying is crispier.
foodfighter March 31, 2011
Yum, this sounds great. Love the sweet and spicy.
mcs3000 March 30, 2011
must. make. soon!
edamame2003 March 30, 2011
i am reading this as I wait for my brussel sprouts to roast in my toaster oven and kicking myself for not checking in with food52 before cooking! sounds delish!
kcrose210 March 30, 2011
tried these last night and they were a hit! i loved the sauce and will be using that in other things as well
Merrill S. March 30, 2011
So glad they worked out for you. And I hadn't thought of using the sauce elsewhere, so thanks for mentioning it!
kcrose210 April 4, 2011
We had them again on Friday before going to an event. A perfect, fairly quick and tasty snack. My boyfriend is already asking when we are having them again :)
One H. March 29, 2011
I JUST tried these on Friday night for the first time and have been obsessed ever since. My husband (who wasn't with me when I tried them) is sick of hearing about them. How exciting to find your recipe here tonight. What a funny coincidence! Can't wait to try... totally worth the effort!
Merrill S. March 30, 2011
A great coincidence indeed!
Burnt O. March 29, 2011
My new "junk" food....
boulangere March 29, 2011
Oh yeah!
Merrill S. March 30, 2011
Thanks, guys!
Aliwaks March 29, 2011
OH F* yeah! Merrill whoa... Totally using this for next big dinner, maybe as a Passover side???
Merrill S. March 30, 2011
I'm flattered!
sarah K. March 29, 2011
I canNOT wait to try these. I'm an ardent Brussels sprout lover (total convert!), and have been doing them the same way 2x or 3x a week for the past month: sliced thin, sauteed in olive oil and butter (and bacon fat, if I have it), until beginning to char, then salted and lemon juiced, with a little zest if I'm not feeling lazy. And some chopped sundried tomatoes, if I'm especially unlazy. And lots of pepper. It only takes a few minutes, and I can eat the whole pound by myself.
Merrill S. March 29, 2011
Your way sounds delicious -- wish you'd add that recipe to the site!
freshandfoodie March 29, 2011
Oh my. Wow. I love Brussels and Sriracha. This is excellent.
Merrill S. March 29, 2011
boulangere March 29, 2011
This is not similar to any way I have ever prepared brussels sprouts - I have to confess I'm a recent convert - but I'm anxious to try it. Siracha, honey, and lime, oh my!
Merrill S. March 29, 2011
Let me know if you do!
indieculinary March 29, 2011
I feel as though it's my destiny to love this dish.
Merrill S. March 29, 2011
I think it may be.
macollins March 29, 2011
This is how I typically prepare brussell sprouts too. One way to speed the prep work...after the outer leaves are pulled off and I get to the point where there's a stalk, and the smaller leaves are more challenging to remove, I use a bird's beak knife (Tourne Knife), to core the stalk. After that, most of the smaller leaves pull apart.
Merrill S. March 29, 2011
Yes, great tip -- thanks for adding!
SharonP March 29, 2011
This is somewhat similar to the way I prepared my Brussels sprouts for the Parisian Breakfast quiche I entered into your favorite winter tart contest (which received an editor's pick - yay!). Mine are sauteed in butter instead of fried in oil, but just as addictive.

Merrill S. March 29, 2011
Sounds delish!