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Watch How Cookbook Author Yossy Arefi Preps for a Cozy Holiday Brunch

December 18, 2016

Cookbook author Yossy Arefi keeps things simple when hosting during the holidays, so we partnered with siggi's to share a few recipes for her go-to brunch treats when things get hectic.

What's on your breakfast table when family's in town or you're cozying up with friends on free-form snow days? For Brooklyn-based cookbook author Yossy Arefi, the homier the better, and that means skipping brunch out for the coziness of her own home. It’s warming dishes that can be whipped up quickly or made ahead—roasted pears that pack a punch of cardamom, easy-to-shape, cranberry-dotted scones—and served with just the basics: yogurt, honey, a little butter. Coffee must be present. A little table decoration like bittersweet branches and light linens goes a long way.

We recently tagged along with Yossy to one of our favorite places to buy seasonal produce—the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City—to see what she had up her sleeve for a simple holiday brunch. Take a peek above, get some hosting inspiration for your next gathering, and then grab the recipes below.

When it comes to their traditional Icelandic yogurt, siggi's keeps things simple—just like Yossy does when she's hosting a cozy holiday brunch. See all their flavors, ranging from plain (no added sugar) to several naturally-sweetened fruit varieties, here.

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