New Year's Eve

9 All-Day-In-The-Kitchen Recipes for Homebodies This New Year's Eve

You don't have to go to a party this New Year's Eve. You don't have to wear a shiny hat or wave around a kazoo-thing or even put on clothes "fit for public." (On a side note: Most all clothes are fine to wear outside of your house. If you're comfy, you're good. You do you.)

You can spend all day in your kitchen and not leave! You don't have to go a minute of December 31 without a spatula affixed to your hand. These 9 recipes make not leaving your house, especially for those who already describe themselves as homebodies, that much more appealing. Because, at the end of the night, you'll have pasta swimming in rich tomato sauce, baked cheese, and a babka-brioche hybrid (and more—read on!). You can even, you know, wear a shiny hat if you so please, and you'll kick off the new year with leftovers.

For Breakfast

If there's a time to deep-fry French toast sticks, it's New Year's Eve when you are chilling out. Heat that oil to 350° F and let those bread soldiers get all golden brown.

Today you will not just make bacon. You will brush bacon slices with maple syrup and Sriracha and bake them until they're all shiny and crispy.

This recipe is a bit fussy, but it doesn't take too long. However, would you gently simmer scrambled eggs on a regular ol' weekday? I think not! If anyone calls you on the morning of New Year's Eve and asks what your plans are, simply respond you're poaching scrambled eggs and it requires your full attention. They might have questions; leave them unanswered. It's okay.

For lunch

You'll spend what seems like forever cooking squash and making onion jam. It's okay—this toast is worth every second. Pour yourself a glass of Champagne while you wait because it's New Year's Eve and you're not leaving the house.

As a Snack

You'll have to start this the day before New Year's Eve. Which means more time in the house. Yay!

For dinner

Make this before you start the pasta below, which takes a couple of hours. No one will blame you for not wanting to abandon hot, molten cheese for a party.

This is not your ordinary tomato sauce. No, it roasts for about 1 1/2 hours. You could say it's tomato sauce that takes its time.

The salad's dressing sits for about an hour before you toss it with the radicchio. What a surprise! You simply cannot go out and leave it.

for dessert

Now, this is a project. You'll have to make your own pastry layers, the dough for which spends three hours to overnight in the fridge. The pastry is rolled out super thin, baked until crispy and fluffy, and then is layered with homemade pastry cream. You practically need all day for this thing!

to drink

This isn't complicated or time-consuming. However it does use simple syrup, which you should make and let cool. The cake, babka, and pasta compensate for the cocktail's short recipe.

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Amy P. December 29, 2016
I'm in! Both in my house and in for making all kinds of delicious food all day long. I already plan to make oliebollen (Dutch apple & raisin donuts) and eat them all day long, as per tradition (no getting around tradition, I'm afraid ;)