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Ask Your Grandparents to Predict 2017's Food Trends (Please & Thank You)

December 29, 2016

Last year, we polled not chefs, or food authorities, or food companies— not even our staff—about what the year's food trends might look like. Instead, we asked the wisest people we know: our grandparents.

We've devastated to report that their predictions didn't quite shake out. I didn't make my beloved cat her own food; the strangest thing we put booze in was probably cheesecake, which Granny has been doing since she learned how to. No one (that we know of) made a sandwich out of pasta, but some did make pie. And you submitted 516 new recipes that use almonds, and only 48 with pineapple (but boy is this Piña Colada good).

But judging from the comments, you tend to agree: Grandparents know best (except when it comes to aspic). As Lucy put it:

"I think the kitchen wisdom of grandparents, especially grandmothers is a long overdue food trend and needs to come back in 2017. Even if you just invite them to lunch and listen. Better yet, take notes."

So we're charging you and your grandparents with our food predictions for 2017: Ask them what they are excited about in food and cooking for this coming year (in other words, what's #trending). We can't wait to learn in the comments section below!

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Teresa @. January 1, 2017
I had a long chat about food with a 100-year-old, recently. She is all in favour of more food preservation, going back to the traditional recipes that can be found in old community cookbooks, and never skimping on butter.

My mother, who is in her 70s, added soup made from scratch (start by boiling the bones of your Christmas turkey), homemade pates, and lots more homemade foods to share.
Gayle H. December 30, 2016
I like the trend back to whole natural foods, not the processed stuff we did have when we were growing up in the 40's and 50's . Throw out the velveta and give me shavings of great artisanal cheese on my salad. Give me garden fresh greens, herbs and vegetables with less hocus-pocus recipes and just good old basic food. If I don't know where meat came from and what additives it has in it, don't eat it. Make your own yogurt and just add herbs or spices. Cut out as much sugar as you can and go with whole grains. I don't believe in the whole Paleo thing, just wholesome, natural food.
BerryBaby December 29, 2016
Grandparent age! My predictions: Soups..filled with vegetables, grains, meat, hearty and healthy.
Tortilla open face with leafy greens, beans, fresh vegetable salsa, chicken or wuickly sauteed steak.
Triple decker Whoopee Pies! Why not? Food should be fun😋