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8 Wedding Registry Trends (Read: Perfect Gifts!)

January 12, 2017

You don't have to be married to know that registries aren't like they used to be. You don't have to register for frilly fine china, or monogrammed linen napkins (though you certainly can, and we wouldn't blame you). Nowadays, you can register for pretty much anything your heart—or your home, or your husband/wife—desires.

So we were curious when our friends at the Blueprint Registry, a website that keeps all your various registries organized in one place, offered to share some trends they're seeing in wedding registries. (They've got nearly 50,000 registry accounts, so they're not just guessing.) Here's what people are registering for more than ever—we think they say a lot about what's trending in home design, too.

Kitchen goods

Photo by Blueprint Registry

Traditional Appliances

With specialty devices such as stand mixers, slow cookers, and waffle makers leading the charge, higher-priced appliances make sense for a registry because they're very gifty, and you might not want to spend that kind of money on yourself.

Not breaking news, but good to know that waffles aren't going anywhere. (Because have you tried these? They're insanely great.)


Basics are another consistent registry pick, whether those are mixing bowls and measuring spoons or an "adult" set of knives. Blueprint also reported that cast-iron skillets were a popular registry addition this year.

Some of the most popular table toppers in the Food52 Registry:



From playful kitchen accessories (like Moscow Mule mugs) to flatware and decorative accents, copper seems to find its way onto every registrant's radar. We like that it at once feels very storied—that patina! the warm glow!—and super fresh. It's also more practical to cook with than you think.

Marble + Wood

The ultimate in warm-and-cool combos, wood and marble kitchen goods appear to be all the rage, according to how often people register for them. Think marble rolling pins with wooden handles, and even picture frames and coasters that combine the two materials.


DIY Kits

Maybe these are gaining popularity because they bridge the gap between everyday and slightly more technical cooking—making your own tortillas, say, or your own yogurt. (Or maybe it's because they just sound fun?)

Photo by Blueprint

Entertaining Supplies

Blueprint has noticed that, besides classic entertaining essentials like serving platters being on the rise in popularity, so are wine and cocktail gadgets, outdoor dining supplies, and even... board games (!). We hope that means dinner parties are more popular (and also more fun) than ever.


Camping supplies. Electronics. All manner of gizmos that would find a home inside your tool kit. A home is not complete without some tools for, well, dealing with life—so why not register for them?


While it's more traditional in certain parts of the country than others, funds—for a honeymoon, a new home or renovation, or to a charity—make wonderful wedding gifts. And more people than ever are registering for them.

What's your go-to wedding present? Tell us in the comments.

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