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15 Spicy, Fiery Noodle Bowls to March You to Spring

March 13, 2017

I know I shouldn't wish time away (Mom: If you're reading this, I've been listening to you all this time!), but I can't help but wish that March were, uh... over already? I'm ready for my toes to feel the fresh air again. (My legs, on the other hand, can wait.) And I'm ready for raw vegetables! I'm with them.

But in the meantime, I've got a few long weeks left. And temperatures are likely to fluctuate dramatically. So I'm channeling warmer weather and longer days the best way I know how: spray tan!

Psyche! With spicy-hot noodle dishes. These 14 spicy noodles (I cannot recommend, in good conscience, that you call them "spicy noods") are warm when the weather isn't, yet still feel-good enough to coddle you as you cry the last of winter's harshness away (....just me?). Some are fiercely fiery as is, while others may need a shake or a drizzle of chile flakes or chile oil if you really want to "turn up the heat," as they say. Go slow!

The noodles:

Not noodles—but would be great mixed into some:

What do you make when you need something spicy? Tell us in the comments below.

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soo March 16, 2017
LOVE these!! I am always craving some type of spicy noodle almost all the time! such an easy and satisfying flavor profile to fulfill my primal urges for spicy/sour/savory/pungent/umami.... I wish you had posted this collection at the beginning of winter... but never too late to have more spicy noodles :)