How to Make Salted Caramels

April 15, 2011

In the video below, Bianca Henry, the uber-organized Culinary Director of The Today Show, shows Amanda & Merrill a very simple way to make a basic butter caramel -- delicious alone, salted, or stuck on a stick (like a Sugar Daddy -- remember those? Or dip them in chocolate and voilà, a Sugar Mama!). No thermometers here, folks -- we're going on looks and looks alone.

Have fun with Bianca's recipe for Firm Caramel -- for many wonderful caramel things! To view, save, and print Bianca's recipe, go here and for a video tip on how to melt chocolate for those Sugar Mamas, sans double boiler, go here.

This week's video was once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. 

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rotwood April 23, 2011
Can you use Lyle's Golden Syrup in place of the corn syrup?
helicopterina April 16, 2011
i made them today and the 13 yr old (who is never hesitant to call 'em like he sees 'em) said they were fantastic. i loved the flavor...texture-wise they're a bit on the soft and goopy side and look totally homemade...but those are all positives in my book. tasted a lot like the sugar daddy candies i remember from childhood that are referenced in the video.
Eanbay April 16, 2011
I'm one who thinks that a salted caramel is the closest mankind has ever come to perfection.
boulangere April 16, 2011
Oh yeah!
Emily F. April 16, 2011
Yum. Also delicious alongside after-diner coffee (or in it).
latoscana April 16, 2011
Wonderful recipe and demonstration!
helicopterina April 16, 2011
this looks truly fantastic and so easy. going to try right now... (and still thrilled about the no-thermometer thing).
boulangere April 15, 2011
Dangerous, very dangerous. I am afraid I would eat the entire batch in one sitting, then make more. But I think I'm up to the challenge.
Burnt O. April 15, 2011
Oh - I'm going to try this with my nieces at Easter next weekend!
BklynFoodieGal April 15, 2011
wow that was so easy! I've got to try this at home. : )
Bevi April 15, 2011
You make this look so easy - it is confidence-instilling!