Who Knew Candy and Classical Music Went Together So Well?

March 31, 2017

Happy Friday. Yesterday, the folks over at Gizmodo surfaced this pretty lovely video of candy melting in a time-lapse, set to the groovy tunes of Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. Watching this video has taken up a minute of my day, and it’ll likely make yours substantially better.

Watching how candy melts (in reverse, too!) against a steely grey surface is, on its own, soothing. With this added component of centuries-old classical music, though, it’s kind of spectacular—just look at how the music swells as the candy dissolves into puddles or congeals into a solid mass!

The video is the brainchild of Erwin Trummer, who calls it a "little video experiment." Most of his other videos are sports-related, which, er, might explain why he's labeled this not-overtly-athletic video under the "Sports" category. Either way, nicely done, my man. Let’s hope there are more experiments to come.

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Tell us: What else should Erwin set to classic music?

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Whiteantlers March 31, 2017
Happy Friday and what a fab way to start the weekend! I am not working today and had the pleasure of sharing this with 3 office imprisoned friends. If nothing else, you just delighted the socks off 4 people today, Mayukh. : )