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At Long Last, Here's the Cover of Ottolenghi's Next Book, Sweet

May 10, 2017

While many of us have joyously trotted through Ottolenghi's mostly-savory oeuvres—charring and roasting and puréeing eggplant, dribbling sumac into our cocktails and salads and down our aprons—did you know that Ottolenghi started his cooking career as a pastry chef?

In his first full dive into sweets, he's publishing Sweet: Desserts from London's Ottolenghi with his pastry chef and longtime collaborator, Helen Goh, in October. (He's also writing about desserts for the New York Times these days.)

More: The wee treat that Goh thinks defines London.

Ottolenghi + Goh

For the first time, just for you, here's a look at the final cover. Drumroll please.....

It’s a beautiful cover full of all the sweet things I want to eat.
Yotam Ottolenghi

Can you even handle the anticipation?

Ta Da!

Ottolenghi loves the cover choice because:

"It captures the bounty and beauty of the recipes in the book. These are recipes that are stop-in-your tracks delicious but also made for the home cook. We wanted to convey these two things—epically delicious and totally make-able—on the cover. "

In Ottolenghi's kitchen (and soon, yours), that means recipes like:

  • Orange and Star Anise Shortbread
  • Soft Date and Oat Bars
  • Salted Almond Meringues
  • Apricot and Amaretto Cheesecake
  • Frozen Espresso Parfait for a Crowd
  • Chocolate Layer Cake with Coffee, Walnut, and Rosewater
  • Gingerbread with Brandy Apples and Crème Fraîche
A peak at the book's interior, from Ten Speed's fall 2017 catalog.

The cookbook hits shelves October 3. To help pass the time, here's a smattering of all things Ottolenghi:

Okay book critics, tell us what you think of the cover in the comments.

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Frenchcreekbaker May 12, 2017
I would love to know the reasoning behind the individual photo selections of the two
different cover photos for the U.S. and the U.K. editions. I read Ottolenghi selected the images.

The U.K. Image is a dynamic swirl of baking zest. The U.S. is a dramatic statement of baking elegance.

I am curious to learn how others interpret this photo, to discover the particular niche of bakers this image woos.
Shalini May 11, 2017
Oh, I think this is going to be good, really good. The desserts from Ottolenghi are so over the top in looks and bounty, and delicious.
Joy H. May 10, 2017
Sigh, if only this were available in time for June when the cookbook club does Ottolenghi! Will need to bake from it for a #TBT!
Sarah J. May 10, 2017
Etta James' "At Last" is playing on repeat in my head.
Ali W. May 10, 2017
Did you happen to see the UK version cover? It's so, so nice! Don't know which one I like better
Ali S. May 10, 2017
I adore how immersive and graphic the UK cover is, but the US cover makes me want to bake something!
rosemary |. May 10, 2017
Can't wait for this one. I have every Ottolenghi cookbook on my shelf. Guess I need to make room for one more. Thanks for the sneak peak!