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June  9, 2017

You already know that we’re supporting No Kid Hungry this year, and we couldn’t be more excited about our first fundraising initiative—The Great Food52 Bake Sale.

Baking isn’t just something we like to do for fun. When it’s a part of a bake sale for No Kid Hungry, it’s a way we like to give back and raise money to help end child hunger in America. Every cookie sold and every dollar donated can make a huge impact: $1 can help provide a hungry child with 10 healthy meals. And better yet, if you join us in hosting a bake sale in June, Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar will match what you raise.

Ready to help us bake a difference? Read on for ideas on how to sign up, what type of bake sale is right for you and what to make, and more on how we’re getting involved, too.

Check out the post below for more about how No Kid Hungry is working on addressing childhood hunger.

how to sign up

Head here to our team page on No Kid Hungry’s site, click the “Join Team” link right next to The Great Food52 Bake Sale, and sign up. This allows you to do all sorts of fun stuff like create a personal fundraising page and send emails to contacts to support your fundraising efforts. But most importantly, it’s how Domino Sugar and C&H Sugar will track funds to match this month: For every $1 you raise, they'll give $1, so you're doubling your impact!

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(We’re hoping to get as many community bake sales happening this month as possible to take advantage of those matching funds, but you can host a bake sale for No Kid Hungry at ANY time of the year—your donations mean a lot all year round. If you do one this month and like it, maybe you’ll even want to make it a monthly event!)

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choose your own (bake sale) adventure

  1. Front yard/porch stoop: You don’t need a lot of space to host a sale! Plus, it’s a great way to meet neighbors you haven’t had a chance to introduce yourself to yet. Yes, you should probably have lemonade on hand, too.
  2. Office: Set up your baked goods in a break room or another common area and put a donation jar out. Depending on the size of your office, consider asking a coworker or two to help you bake treats to bring in. Maybe even consider asking your company if they’d match donations.
  3. Local organization/event: Consider seeing if you could host a bake sale at your child’s school, a social or volunteer group, a business you frequent, or in connection with a community event, like a farmers market or fair. Remember to ask first!
  4. Happy hour: Host a happy hour gathering for as many friends as you can fit in your place and serve an assortment of 5 or 6 different baked treats. Couple it with some champagne if you're feeling especially festive. And to keep it simple, rather than charge by the piece, ask for $20 flat donation.
  5. Virtual: Hold your bake sale fundraising campaign online (using social media, No Kid Hungry's personal fundraising page, or even via email) and ship sturdy baked goods to donors who meet certain donation levels.
  6. Raffle: Similar to the virtual bake sale, but on a local level. Send an email to as many local friends and neighbors as you can think of and offer to raffle off your very signature baked treat—no need to stick with cookies for this one; how about a show-stopping 3-layer cake? Friends buy a raffle ticket for $5 and you will deliver the special baked good to the winner on the day of their choosing.

Once you decide where to have your bake sale, No Kid Hungry has all sorts of resources to help support you, from pricing and food safety tips to flyers. And we want to see your bake sale in action, tag photos on social media with #f52bakesale.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

What to make

Consider making treats that are sturdy and easy to package and easy for people to eat out of hand. Cookies, brownies, and bars? Yes! Scones, muffins, and cupcakes? Yes! Slices of cake or quick breads? Yes! (Maybe even whole cakes or loaves depending on your group.) Pie? Probably not, unless you're up for dealing with plates and forks. Ice cream sandwiches? Not unless you've got a good cooler situation on hand. Sprinkles on anything and everything? Always! Remember that depending on where you host your sale, you might need to keep allergies in mind (like nut-free treats at a school sale).

Here are 10 of our favorite ideas to get you going:

How we're getting involved

We're planning a special Social Bake Off featuring recipes submitted by some of our favorite authors and friends, with all proceeds raised going to No Kid Hungry. Join us live on June 28—baked goods submitted by our friends will face off while you watch, and you can bid on who will take away the crown. Aaaand we might have another surprise or two up our sleeves, stay tuned for more info soon.

Remember to join our No Kid Hungry team and let's get baking!

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Emily B. June 14, 2017
$105 raised so far! So great to see :)
Emily B. June 14, 2017
$105 raised so far! So great to see :)
luvcookbooks June 11, 2017
This is thrilling, thank you!!