Inspiring French Interiors and How-to Tips for Your Home

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19 Très Inspiring, Très Dreamy French Interiors (+ Design Tips)

June 22, 2017

It’s France Week here at Food52 and there’s no shortage of French culinary delights to keep you sated in the coming days. But how about all of you Francophiles whose appetite for Gallic anything extends beyond the plate—more specifically, to the floors, the walls, and any objets d’art found within those parameters? Well, we’re here for you, too.

From the telltale Haussmannian flats of Paris to the warm hearths of the French countryside, there always seems to be an effortless blend of traditional and modern design elements that simultaneously feel livable, yet aspirational.

In the spirit of France Week, we’ve rounded up a range of interiors for your eye candy enjoyment, as well as easy ways to incorporate some of these details into your own living space. Of course, we also recognize that—as with much of French style—attitude and a certain je ne sais quoi can carry just as much weight as the material things. But that won’t stop us from trying.

If there were ever a time to indulge in the millennial pink trend

Our home for the next few days 💕 #Paris #gmgtravels #parisapartment #newyears #pink

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When more is more: high ceilings, gilded mirrors, and casually puddled drapes.

Wood paneling has never looked so chic.

Long weekend light in the dining room at rue Bonaparte #boiserie #moody 📷 by @idhalindhag

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We might not all be privy to this majestic view of la tour Eiffel, but wrought-iron balcony details and fresh flowers are definitely within reach.

For those who eschew the streamlined, minimal look so prevalent in contemporary design, may we suggest adding a tassel and trim to wherever your mood strikes?

Not even a rustic country manor’s fireplace will escape treatment from the color-loving French.

Accessorize with the bounty of the season (and any copper cookware you may have lying around).

If you’re a fan of moldings and casings, you’re going to LOVE the gilded variety.

Even greenhouses get bathed in color at a Normandy chateau.

Bring elements of jardin living indoors with free-swinging doors that let in plenty of natural light.

What would Napoleon do? Surely, he’d go bold with teal and gold accents, and ruffles galore!

Quintessential French details are showcased in elegant tones of white and cream. Plus, always say yes to herringbone floors.

Affordable indulgences like flowers can turn any room into a veritable still life.

Grey Sunday calls for home cocooning. And it's even better with beautiful flowers 🌺 from

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Don’t be afraid of a white sofa (and with molding detailing like that, you won’t want to steal its thunder).

Mirrors not only give the illusion of expansive spaces, but an ornate one can serve as a focal point as well.

Childhood memories. In love with Parisian ceilings.

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This stately sitting room proves over-the-top design doesn't mean cluttered living.

A minty fresh home office gets an unexpected mod vibe with its rust carpeting.

When in doubt, decorate with classic blue and white dinnerware and the cutest dog you can find.

Waiting patiently for lunch to be served ✨🍽

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Okay, we’ve been focusing on non-kitchen spaces, but we had to stop here—a black kitchen? The stop-dead-in-your-tracks drama is simply too chic for words.

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