How to Make Baked Doughnuts

April 29, 2011

Cardamom Doughnuts

Baked, buttered, showered with pistachios and sugar, these cardamom doughnuts (courtesy of Bluebird Coffee Shop) were an instant food52 favorite (especially for Amanda, who featured them earlier today in this post).

Take a cue from her experience and fear not the sticky dough -- it's crucial to the light bounce they have once baked. You heard us: baked! We've been eating Amanda's version in the office all week without an iota of guilt.

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To see the full recipe (and save and print it), go here. This week's videos were once again shot and edited by filmmaker Elena Parker. To see Adam's prowess in cheese biscuit-dom, go here.)

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coffeequeen May 3, 2011
They're really, really good. I know from first hand experience.
mtrelaun April 30, 2011