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Saying Au Revoir to Baking with Dorie

July 27, 2017

“If a recipe is here, it means I love it,” Dorie Greenspan says in the introduction to her book, Baking Chez Moi. It seems likely to us that no truer a statement has been written by a cookbook author. Time and again Dorie has shown the Food52 community that baking and sharing her love for the craft, is truly her passion. Every recipe Dorie thoughtfully composes, oozes with the love and care she has not only for her baked goods, but for her readers as well.

Members who have been with the Baking Club since the beginning know Dorie as the Club’s ONLY repeat author to date and a lively and reassuring commenter in our Facebook group! Our first bake along with Dorie was in April, when she guided us through her newest book, Dorie’s Cookies, and shortly thereafter, members voted again for more Dorie! All month long we've been channeling our inner Parisians, and now that we're coming to the end of our journey with Baking Chez Moi, well, we're already misty-eyed over her macarons.

Dorie delighted our bakers with not only one, but MULTIPLE, recipes and variations of the coveted Parisian treat, saying: “The Macaron Craze has spread across France and even jumped to America,” Dorie exalted in her book. We have an update for you Dorie—thanks to you, the craze is officially worldwide!

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“It was my first time making choux, and I felt like Dorie was holding my hand through the whole process,” Ariel Abir exclaimed. “I filled half of them with Earl Grey and lavender-infused whipped cream. The rest were filled with Dorie's lime crème anglaise mixed with whipped cream, as she recommended above the recipe. I also infused the lime cream with some basil, à la Jacques Genin. Incredible, especially the lime ones. Make this lime cream, y'all. It's as ethereal as Dorie says.”

Photo by Rachel Schowalter

Rachel Schowalter wrote, “I'm so thrilled with how these macarons turned out because they were HARD WORK! I overwhipped my egg whites, which made my batter very stiff and hard to pipe. I put so much pressure on the piping bag that batter came oozing out of the top! Then I had to smooth out each mound of piped batter into a flat circle with my finger. I was certain they would bake up a mess, but was elated when I opened the oven door and saw their little feet! I filled them with raspberry preserves. Thank you Dorie, for such a forgiving recipe!”

Tricia Jenkins exclaimed, “They are far from perfect, but they taste great. I made the Parisian Macarons from Baking Chez Moi. Dorie's recipe is the most thorough for macarons I have ever followed!” To which Dorie quickly responded, “You may not think they're perfect, but I think they're swell! You did a great job!”

Still working up the courage to try your hand at macarons? Is the cannelé pan still en route to you via post?! Waiting for the peak of the season to bake the Custardy Apple Squares? Feel free to throwback to Baking Chez Moi every Thursday (along with any of the other previous books of the month) by posting your photos with the hashtag #tbt on Facebook.

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Saffron3 July 28, 2017
Oh my goodness gracious heavens to betsy!! You all are wonders to behold. Super impressive indeed for sure!