We're Still Mad for Matcha

August 21, 2017

You might think the matcha trend is over, but if you happen to love the celebrated green tea powder as much as I do, you're hopefully embracing it beyond its moment in the spotlight. To me, matcha is a timeless ingredient and a welcome pantry staple. Whether you're in the mood for a milky latte or a frozen treat, matcha's perfect for adding that satisfying, earthy flavor to just about any concoction you dream up.

Here are a few of our favorite recipes for when you're in a matcha-y mood. Give 'em a go if you haven't yet, or if you need convincing that matcha is here to stay. As for me, I'll be over here slurping this matcha peaches & cream.

What's your favorite matcha creation? Let us know in the comments.

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Lyna Vuong

Written by: Lyna Vuong

I'm a food studies grad student, cook, and interior designer. (I love a colorful palate/palette!)