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America's Most Popular Pint Is...

August  7, 2017

Halo Top is now the best selling pint of ice cream in America. The supposedly healthier, less caloric brand beat out reigning companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs for the title of distinguished dairy. It’s a real freezer aisle success story.

The Los Angeles–based company began in 2012, offering a healthier alternative to everyone’s favorite frozen food with an entire pint that promised only 240-360 calories. Since then they have continued to grow in popularity: 2016 saw more than 13.5 million pints sold.

“The reason we’ve taken the number one spot is simple: We have amazing fans. We are eternally grateful to them for even allowing us to exist, let alone thrive,” said CEO and Founder, Justin Woolverton. “Our promise to our fans is to maintain the quality they expect from Halo Top and, of course, to bring them some exciting new things in the near future.”

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This week, Halo Top also introduced 7 new flavors to their cache. These include: Cinnamon Roll, Mochi Green Tea, Rainbow Swirl, Candy Bar, Chocolate Covered Banana and Caramel Macchiato. But personally, I’m here for Pancakes & Waffles.

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Top Comment:
“McConnell's Ice Cream, based in CA is my absolute favorite. Discovered it a year ago at my local specialty grocery store in CT. It's worth the $9.99 a pint and the Double Peanut Butter Chip is my favorite.”

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Jamie August 14, 2017
I buy Haagen Dazs because it is still the only brand I can find with a minimum of ingredients- milk, cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla. And no gum of any kind. Does anyone know of others?
someonewhobakes August 8, 2017
Tillamook is so creamy and delicious (try the Marionberry one), but I think the Trader Joe's store brand is my favorite! It's so dense and rich, and the coffee flavor actually has little bits of ground coffee beans in it.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 7, 2017
McConnell's Ice Cream, based in CA is my absolute favorite. Discovered it a year ago at my local specialty grocery store in CT. It's worth the $9.99 a pint and the Double Peanut Butter Chip is my favorite.
asagatelova August 8, 2017
Yes! Try the Eureka Lemon Marionberry, I can't get enough of it!
Barbara C. August 7, 2017
I eat healthy, and when I want ice cream, I don't really care about calories....I care about taste. Haagen Dazs is still my favorite store bought ice cream. It's dense and rich and not overly sweet.
kimmiebeck August 7, 2017
I don't know why this brand is considered to be so healthy. There are quite a few additives in the list of ingredients.
melissa August 7, 2017
this is surprising to me - i haven't tried it yet. can any food52'ers vouch for it?
Matt August 7, 2017
A company is only as good as their classic flavours. I tried strawberry and pistachio, and I guess I had a bad batch, because there were no strawberries or pistachios in either pint.