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We’re in Love with This Refreshingly Low-Tech Stovetop Waffle Iron

September 14, 2017

On the list of weekend pleasures, good waffles rank right up there with strong coffee and perfectly rumpled linen sheets. You can enjoy them the traditional way, topped with fresh fruit and a generous drizzle of maple syrup, or a savory version, studded with chives and hunks of assertive cheddar cheese (my family’s favorite).

No matter how you waffle, keeping it simple is best. In this case, we’re taking it old school with our Shop’s Stovetop Belgian Waffle Iron. Made of cast aluminum with a nonstick surface, this handy tool will quickly become your weekend warrior companion. Load it up with your favorite batter (plenty of options below), place it on the stovetop to cook, flip and repeat, and remove at your preferred level of crispness. When you're done, give it a quick rinse and store it away for the following weekend.

See the waffle iron in action here:

The Belgian waffle maker's larger grooves ensure ample crannies for all your toppings to seep into. We love this spicy maple syrup or a good berry compote, but go wild with freshly whipped cream or better yet, scoops of cold ice cream with warm homemade chocolate syrup. It’s the weekend, after all!

What's your trusted, go-to waffle recipe? Share it with us below!

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    Heather Argenti
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    Sean Riley
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    George H
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Heather A. September 19, 2017
I will have to try this one! Waffles are so versatile .. I've been testing the 'can it be a waffle' theories and pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing this iron!

Heather @
sjo September 15, 2017
Received mine as a gift in the 70's and it's still going strong. Not sure if it cost that much then.
Sean R. September 15, 2017
Will it work on an electric stove?
ejbmanning September 15, 2017
my question too!
Soozan September 15, 2017
And I wonder if it can be used on a ceramic glass electric stove
Rebecca S. September 15, 2017
Hi all! Great questions. This is compatible with all Electric Ranges. I'd venture to guess this would include glass and ceramic so long as these are not induction cooktops.
Janet M. September 18, 2017
My Jenn-Air, ie ceramic range top, isn't all that great with cast iron--I'm going to stick with my electric waffle irons. I really do miss my gas range, but we bought a house in a community that doesn't have natural gas. I did use a cast iron waffle maker in my camper until we sold it a couple of years ago, and loved it. You have to get over things like timing and watch the steam. Most recipes will give you hints about when to turn it, but until you know your stove, you are just going to have to watch things and keep notes
George H. September 14, 2017
Low tech doesn't mean cheap.