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5 Easy Ways to Welcome Fall with Open Arms (Yes, Already)

September  8, 2017

With Labor Day firmly behind us, the siren calls of early fall become all too apparent: sweet first day of school moments peppering your social feeds; the much-heralded pumpkin spice latte becoming available once again; and of course, farmers markets marching out the ultimate signs of autumn in the form of crisp apples and lovable gourds.

It’s only a matter of time before the lush greens of summer will give way to the rich, golden hues of fall, and we want to hang on to every second. Grab your coziest throw and get ready to greet the new season in a few very easy ways.

1. Bring the outdoors in.

Enjoy the changing foliage both outside and in with a selection of colorful branches. Check out our Shop’s latest fall wreath offerings and rethink how you’d present them. While they are still a gorgeous way to greet your guests at the door, consider moving them to your mantle or tabletop as a carafe or pillar candle companion.

2. Embrace the gourds.

From the irresistible white mini pumpkins to the gnarly oddities with just as much charm, say yes to them all. Save the small cuties for place settings and let the larger ones take center stage on your dining table or mantle.

3. Change up the textiles.

Swap out lightweight, breezy beach blankets in favor of substantial throws and shaggy sheepskins.

4. Set the mood.

Shorter days call for more ambient lighting, serving both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes. Achieve this by pulling out all of your beautiful candles (infused with warm scents or not) and, if you’re one of the lucky ones, stoking that fireplace for that crackling glow.

5. Get cooking.

The weather’s finally cooling down enough to turn your ovens back on, so start rolling out those butter-laden crusts for killer apple pie, roasting all the root vegetables, or braising those Sunday supper-friendly cuts to get your home smelling its most inviting best.

What are your favorite ways to usher fall into your home? Share them with us below!

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Picholine September 10, 2017
Beautiful article! I will appreciate all things fall much more!